Meet Dave

Before Kara and I were married, I said to her, “It is important before we are married to discuss how many children we each would like. What are your thoughts?”

Kara stammered, “Uh, I don’t know-… three?”

“Three?” I questioned in an exaggerated tone.

“Well, how many do you want?” Kara asked in return.

With boldness in my eyes and perhaps a bit of a puffed chest I proudly stated “Fifteen!”

The look on her face and to hear her say the words “Are you serious?” was priceless.  I’m sure she began to reconsider our marital arrangements at that moment questioning her body’s ability to survive 15 pregnancies.  I later explained that I really only wanted ten, but I said 15 as a starting negotiating number to help her become accustom to the idea of a large family. That did not offer her much comfort

Well, ten years later we have decided it is time to pursue an alternate path of raising a family through adoption, and again I reminded her with a smile on my face, “Perhaps we will still reach our goal of ten children.”

Farmer Dave
I was raised in Spokane, Washington in a large family and my most fond memories are the moments spent with family, such as camping every Memorial Day weekend, summer vacations, Friday night pizza, and family movie night with Dad’s world famous popcorn.

Sports and outdoors were common themes in our home growing up, and today, I enjoy just about anything that involves a ball or being outside.

As an 11 year-old boy, I was given a school assignment of a five-page report on a world explorer. Well that was the greatest challenge I would have to face up to that point in my life and I wasn’t interested in exerting the required effort to do it.  The day came when it was due and I had nothing to turn in.  In fact, I had not even started yet.

Upon arriving home after school that day, I learned that my mother received a phone call from my teacher regarding the report I failed to turn in. I had made a decision and it was now time to receive the consequence.  I expected a spanking; perhaps grounding, but I received neither.  What I received was far worse than any “typical” punishment she could have given me. She told me that I would “sit at the dining room table and not move from that spot, except to use the bathroom and to go to bed, until I finished my report.”

For three long days I toiled over that report, getting up only for the bathroom and to sleep.  They were the worst three days of my life because of how much I despised writing.  On the last day of school, after having missed the majority of the day, I trudged the half mile trek to school and turned in my report.

That experience has proven to be one of the most valuable lessons of my life.  I never again missed an assignment throughout my schooling and I became a near straight “A” student, graduating in the top ten percent in both high school and college.  That lesson has stayed with me through life and helped me live up to my potential to become who I am.

The Highschool Heisman Pose
In the beginning of my high school freshman football season, the team was running a warm-up lap.  I, being the intelligent young man I thought I was, would come in nearly last every time to “conserve” my energy.  One day before we started our warm-up lap my coach said to me, “Eastham! If you don’t come in ahead of Mike here you’re going to be running a long time today”.

So off we went and I quickly jumped to the head of the pack to ensure that I wouldn't endure any punishment.  Well, right on my side was my good buddy Mike to help motivate me, and on my side he stayed for the duration of the run.  As we made the final turn for the home stretch, I increased my speed to gain the advantage, and to my surprise so did Mike.  I thought to myself, “What is he doing? He’s trying to beat me! Surely he will let me win.”  We were at a full sprint for the last 50 yards neck and neck.  In the end I lost by half a yard.

Early College Years
I turned to my coach searching for sympathy.  Surely he would understand I put forth every last ounce of effort despite losing.  But all I heard come from his mouth was, “Start running.” And run I did. From that point on I learned what 100% effort really is and I have been at the front of the pack ever since.

After high school I attended Western Washington University, pursuing a biology degree to become a dentist.  I soon realized biology was not for me and transferred to Brigham Young University where I attended for a semester before leaving to Ecuador to serve a two year mission.

Relaxing from Proselyting in Guayaquil, Ecuador
My mission proved to be the two most productive and happiest years of my life.  This is where I learned to lay aside my selfish desires and focus on the needs of others.  I learned what it means to be obedient to the commandments of God.  I developed attributes that have served me throughout my life and prepared me to become a husband and father.  I plan to serve more missions as a senior-missionary with Kara at my side following retirement.

Backyard Pig Preaching
Upon completing my mission, I returned to BYU, met my wife Kara, and completed my degree in Construction Management. Following graduation we remained in Utah for two and a half years where I worked as a project engineer for a commercial construction company. I was later offered a new job as a project scheduler with another construction company that took us to Little Rock, Arkansas, where we have been for a little over five years.

Life has provided me many valuable experiences for which I so very grateful.  I am now ready for the next phase of life and the opportunities that await me. I look forward to sharing them with my children and to instill in them the many important values I was taught in my youth. 

What Kara says about Dave:

All I can say is I sure am a lucky girl. Dave is everything I dreamed of in a, handsome, spiritual, funny, athletic, and hardworking. In fact, when I first met him, I was convinced that he was simply too good to be true! I soon came to find out how genuine he really was. He is all that I hoped he would be.  He is truly the spiritual leader in our home and is very dedicated to his Heavenly Father.  Dave loves to serve and help those in need. Whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually, he has a big heart when it comes to those who he knows are suffering. He really enjoys learning and gaining knowledge and seeks after opportunities to do so.  I am so grateful for how hard he works to provide for our family. Dave is one of the most financially sound individuals I have ever met.  He has always been very wise with his money and works diligently in his career to be an excellent provider for our family. I feel richly blessed that because of his diligence, I will have the opportunity to stay home with my children.

You can't be in a room with Dave for too long and not laugh. He loves interacting with kids and teasing them. It absolutely melts my heart to see him hold a baby and to see his tenderness towards a child. I know he will be an amazing father. I am so grateful to be able to call him my husband and more importantly my very best friend. I am so excited to start this next step in our journey together with him by my side. 

This video melts my heart every time I watch it. It is Dave with our friend's little boy, Abram. I only caught the tail end of the laughter but this shows my Dave...

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